Fundraising Events

IRHS Hosts Drífandi/Vefurinn Concert, Riverton, Aug. 3, 2011

Riverton Community Hall came alive on Wednesday evening with the arrival of two groups of performers, the Drífandi male choir from Eastern Iceland, and traditional Icelandic dance troupe Vefurinn from Akureyri - a total of about 120 on a tour organized by Jónas Thor.  A capacity crowd of local people and visitors from as far away as Winnipeg then filled the hall to enjoy a lively performance of traditional Icelandic singing and dancing.

One of the highlights of the evening were the colourful Icelandic outfits worn by the dancers, some of which were traditional costumes seldom seen here in Manitoba.  The dancers also sang as they performed a variety of early folk dances, the most intricate of which was one from which the troupe takes its name, Vefurinn (The Weaver).



The Drífandi male voice choir from the area around Egilsstaðir in Eastern Iceland included numerous farmers.  Directed by a young woman named Drífa, they performed many traditional favourotes as well as some more contemporary songs - including a few in English.  Their thoughtful selection of songs reflected careful consideration of their North American audiences and included not only" "Löngförull", a favourite by Rocky Mountain poet Stephan G. Stephansson, and wartime tune "The White Cliffs of Dover", but a rousing rendition of "O Canada" to close their programme.






Coffee and lunch followed the performances, and though the bus schedule limited the time visitorshad to meet and mingle, several took the opportunity to seek out relatives in the crowd or make the acquaintance of local people.


This successful event was hosted by Icelandic River Heritage Sites with the support of local volunteers who helped with baking, serving, and clean-up.  Both visitors and the audience seemed very pleased with the evening.

All photos courtesy of Donald G. Gislason